Our Extra Curricular Activities

We emphasise on holistic approach for overall development

Exhibition: In order to develop the budding talents of our students, Exhibitions are conducted every year in both at our Naroda and Kathwada branches for Science, Commerce and Arts wherein 5000 to 7000 public visits. During exhibition, food festivals are also arranged.


Swatch Bharat: Every year cleanliness drive is done when our students participate to clean the roads and areas surrounding our school to develop social responsibility in the students.


Competitions: The Schools conduct following competition to amongst the students to develop their talents in respective areas..


1. Story Telling
2. Dance
3. Mono Act
4. Singing (Solo & Group)
5. Action Song
6. Mimicry
7. Hand Writing
8. Poetry Recitation
9. Drawing
10. Patriotic Song Singing
11. Memory Test
12. Rakhi Maing
13. Elocution
14. Debate
15. Essay writing
16. Diwali card making
17. Rangoli
18. Fancy Dress
19. Drama Skit


1. Environment day
2. Independent day
3. Teachers day
4. Diwali Celebration
5. Children’s day
6. Sports day
7. Republic day
8. Annual Day.