From The Principal's Desk


“Intelligence plus character that’s the true goal of Education”
Martin Luther King Jr.

“Shree Narayana Higher Secondary School” in Naroda Ahmedabad was a step towards our Endeavour to provide education to children of all walks of life in our area. For us education means all round development of the child. We have a mission to make each child achieve his and her best. The school has set up an approach to learning that incorporates inquisitiveness, research, analytical thinking and an approach that becomes a lifetime habit.

Activity based learning has a greater and profound impact on children so the school has a well-planned curriculum so that co-curricular activities are also give due importance.

Our teachers apply different strategies to win the students and get work done to make them learning oriented. The students are helped to focus on confidence building, while nurturing a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility through academic and Co-Curricular activities.

A leader creates platform for student’s progress. He/She takes personal care and interest and becomes a role model for others. A School is not only a place for studies but also a place to mould the future of each student. A Principal sets up an environment where life skills, values, discipline and others such qualities can be developed.

Finally I want to assure you that the Management, a team of experienced and dedicated teachers are doing their best to give your child the required edge to make his/her mark in this global world.

Shreedevi M Nair
Kathwada Campus


“Education is not just imparting knowledge to seek jobs or secure your future”. At our school, we are inspired by Shree Narayana Guru’s preaching which are always in the forefront of providing valuable contributions in the field of education. We believe in only “ONE CASTE, ONE RELIGION AND ONE GOD FOR MEN”. We proudly believe in working for ensuring the right values and inculcate ideal behaviour and bring out the potential of every child. We allow our children to develop physically and mentally along with life skills and values as expected outside the classrooms or at home.

We are therefore committed to provide a vast spectrum and a larger canvas of various activities, seminars, workshops, trainings, counseling and many more, at regional, National and with our Spiritual Guru’s blessings even at International level, to give plenty of opportunities to our lovely students.

I whole heartedly with full commitment pledge to fulfill these goals and dreams.

Regards and Best wishes,
Dr. Ratnadeep Bane
Naroda Campus